Leicester’s stunning success is what legends are made of

Leicester fans celebrate
Leicester fans celebrate
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So Leicester City are Premier League champions. I reckon this is the biggest achievement in not only football, but sport in general.

What could match it? Tennis player Goran Ivaniševic did win Wimbledon after being a wild card entry in 2001, but he had been a semi-finalist three times in the 1990s.

Maybe Joe Johnson winning the world snooker title in 1986?

This was made all the more impressive by how he was thrashed by Bill Werbeniuk the previous year – when Bill drank eight pints of lager during the match!

Many say the exploits of Nottingham Forest exceed those of Leicester. They won the League Championship in 1977-78 the season after promotion, then went on to be crowned European champions two seasons in a row.

But, you can argue, this was a time you only had to finish above Liverpool to win the league and their European Cup Final victories were against Swedish ‘giants’ Malmo and Kevin Keegan’s Hamburg.

Sadly, Keegan’s shorts were far too tight in that game for him to be of any influence.

No, this latest sporting success story is what legends are really made of. This Leicester City side cost less than £25m to assemble and, at the start of the season, even football fanatics would struggle to name more than two of their players.

Jamie ‘Roy of the Rovers’ Vardy is the talisman for any kid or young footballer. From non-league to English champion and an international player in just four years. His goals helped win the league.

Could they now help England be European champions? That would make a great movie.

But I reckon it’s as likely as Nigel Farage becoming prime minister or Vanessa Feltz winning the London Marathon. It’s just fantasy stuff.

I’ve always seen Pompey as a club of similar stature to Leicester. I’m sure our neighbours Southampton see themselves like that too.

If Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all have another off season, who could win the league next?

Hopefully not that lot up the road.

They’re still milking their only FA Cup win after 40 years!


I read in the letters section of The News this week that someone just didn’t understand the value of Ant & Dec.

They aren’t comedians, singers or sportsmen.

What is their talent apart from shouting a bit, it was mooted.

Well, after being child actors in the BBC drama Byker Grove, they have become the UK’s finest hosts.

This is a talent in itself. The effortless way they link content on any show they present is faultless and always entertaining.

Look how The X Factor lost a lot of its sparkle after Dermot O’Leary was booted out.

It’s not a surprise he’s back this year.

Do not underestimate the importance of great hosts on any TV or radio show.


We have a new addition to the back garden of chez Jackson.

Much to the excitement of my eldest child but to my annoyance, it’s a swing and slide combo.

To add insult to injury, my father-in-law was in charge of erection as I was out working that day.

My poor lovely grass and those perfectly straight mown lines will now be ruined.

We have a play park minutes down the road, but my wife doesn’t seem to understand.

But I did feel slightly better when my 23-month-old son’s face lit up as he ran out into the garden to play on it for the first time.

The dogs enjoyed relieving themselves on it too afterwards.

This is going to be a lot of fun...