LESLEY KEATING: Gender fluidity will only confuse children even more

Lesley believes encouraging young children to be gender fluid can cause more harm than good             (Stock image)
Lesley believes encouraging young children to be gender fluid can cause more harm than good (Stock image)
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On television last week was an interview with ‘Britain’s first gender fluid family’.

It was a mum, dad and a boy called Star.

Mum is a gender fluid female who dresses as either sex.

She’s known as Dad to the child, a biological boy who is being encouraged to be whatever sex he fancies, whenever he wishes.

Dad, born a male, is now known as Louise as he’s currently transitioning to be a woman.

Star begins school in September as a boy ‘because he needs support in that area’ whatever that means – toileting, I assume.

The parents, both who confusingly presented as female for the interview, don’t see why Star should be constrained by gender as they change their own minds daily about whether they wish to be male or female.

In their words – Star is a person, not male or female, so should choose his own gender.

Yet they described Star as ‘he’ several times during the interview.

They don’t care what he does so long as he’s ‘happy and safe’.

This is where I feel it comes unstuck.

How safe it is to encourage gender fluidity in such small children among peers with vastly differing opinions.

What about the jungle of senior school and beyond?

It’s one thing to support a person who feels they’re born into the wrong gender. But under those circumstances, they are usually mature enough to make a decision and it’s their own choice.

And that’s the point – choice!

This is a four-year-old with frankly daft parents who don’t seem to see the potential problems they’re storing up for him by dictating he has no gender.

They are nurturing a confused child who will grow up with a sense of entitlement to do what he likes. Right or wrong, society isn’t that tolerant yet.

Like it or lump it, we do all have fixed genders. How can he be ‘safe’ in today’s society under these circumstances?

Kids are cruel, ignorance is sadly still rife.

How the hell can this child have a stable platform to make up his own mind about gender when his parents clearly can’t make up theirs?


Iwas given a lovely a boxed set of Jo Malone candles by a dear friend.

A very generous gift as these things aren’t cheap.

I lit one.

Soon it occurred to me that the house wasn’t wafting with the usual distinctive aroma.

It actually smelled more like furniture polish.

On closer inspection, the label artwork was wonky and there were suspicious bubbles in the wax.

It dawned on me they were fakes.

I’m sure my friend bought them in good faith, buying what she’d thought was a brilliant bargain online.

I can’t tell her as she’d be so embarrassed. Thankfully I didn’t leave it unattended.

So if you’re bargain hunting and something seems too good to be true… it probably is.


Ilove the way some of the sales staff on cosmetic counters in department stores deal with customers.

Recently, in Selfridges, one accosted us to try the new Chanel No. 5 fragrance L’Eau.

All good, apart from the fact she kept, rather amusingly, calling it ‘Loo’ as she’d no idea how to pronounce it.

Another one argued strongly that the colour I wanted had been ‘discontinued years ago’ until I fished out the correct tester from her stand.

Shortly after, the product itself miraculously appeared.

Finally, when asking about a cream I couldn’t see on display another somewhat exasperated assistant enlisted the help of her colleague, pointing rudely at me and shouting over to her ‘Do you know what she’s on about?’ Charming!