LESLEY KEATING: Tailing Jude Law around Waitrose

On occasions, you might see someone famous off-duty, like daughter Eloise who nabbed an unexpected selfie with her idol, Matty Healy of The 1975, while shopping in Acne Studios, or when Mike nearly trod on Brian May's toe at Heathrow Airport!

Sunday, 29th April 2018, 9:03 pm
Starstruck Lesley followed Jude Law around the supermarket

Eloise also ate out the other week with Pippa Middleton at a neighbouring table and had her hair done next to Ashley James of Celebrity Big Brother.

Some are lovely, like Gillian Wright, who plays dithering Jean Slater in EastEnders, or Siva, from The Wanted, who happily posed for pictures despite being accosted at a motorway services as he nipped into the toilets!

Indie band Blossoms were also lovely when we met them at Costa.

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Some, however, are not so pleasant. James May from Top Gear definitely has one persona for TV and another for off it.

But where do you think the very best place is for celeb-spotting?

I’ll tell you – it’s Waitrose.

So far, I’ve stood in a queue with Jane Asher and former Top Gear presenter, Tiff Needell (who Mike was originally convinced was Peter O’Toole).

I’ve tailed A-listers Jude Law and Sienna Miller as they wheeled their trolley around (well, you would, wouldn’t you!).

And only last weekend I rounded the corner, literally bumping into actress Dervla Kirwan, who was very gracious at my apology, saying ‘Don’t worry dear’.

And, yesterday, Mark Owen from Take That was at the self-scan.

The same store has also served Kate Winslett, Noel Fielding and Johnny Depp – although I wasn’t lucky enough to see any of those myself.

I think my ability to spot celebs started early.

At 11, I forced my best friend to ride the Harrods escalators in a futile attempt to catch up with Elton John – resplendent in his raccoon coat and giant glasses – as he shopped with co-writer Bernie Taupin.

So, if you ever see me loitering too long in the wine department or looking a bit shifty in the bakery aisle, don’t call the store detectives. There’s a good chance I may have spotted someone famous.

Now, if I could only find out where Bryan Ferry buys his butter...


Aren’t we pathetic as a country!

Firstly, we have an unprecedented mini heatwave with 26-degree temperatures.

Barbecue foods flies off the shelves, Robert Dyas does a roaring trade in desk fans and paunchy middle-aged men wander around Asda half naked.

So, we dust off the shorts, don flip flops and get our legs out for the first time this year.

Then, after two glorious days basking in Mediterranean temperatures smugly checking the weather app as we register hotter than Mallorca, Crete and Corfu, we get an almighty thunderstorm and amber weather warnings.

And, of course that’s followed by a week of rain.

‘UK faces risk of snow, frost and severe flooding as temperatures plummet’ blasts The Mirror.

What! For pity’s sake – come on Britain!

Two days? Is that really all you can muster?


Kids never fail to surprise you.

At four, Eloise got firmly stuck in a cat flap.

At 13, on her first trip to Guildford with a friend, they missed their return train.

After waiting for ages at Petersfield Station I had to dash to collect them at Fratton. Then there was a long trip to Petersfield to take the friend home.

That was two hours in the car with waiting time!

I could have driven them there and back myself in less.

Now, today, at 22, the surprises keep coming, this time with a text from Paris.

‘Don’t panic mum... we left our passports on the plane, but the border police were great and let us in! We’re getting emergency documents from the British Embassy tomorrow!’

Kids eh!