LESLEY KEATING: The woman who has it all, but looks as miserable as sin

Anyone who's ever wondered whether money really can buy you happiness has only to look at America's First Lady, Melania Trump, for their answer.

Sunday, 8th April 2018, 9:00 pm
She's got everything, so why is Melania always so miserable?

Here is a woman who, on the surface of it, has everything; money, power, looks and fame as well as a home and family.

These are many of the things that we cite as the keys to happiness.

We think we’d be happier if we were rich or famous. Well, you don’t get much richer or more famous than Melania. However, I’m not sure she’d agree as, despite her supposedly enviable position, she always looks as miserable as sin.

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Stood next to her posturing husband, she literally looks as though she’s willing herself to be somewhere – anywhere – else than in the present as she grits her teeth and waits obediently at his side.

With her husband inviting criticism at every turn, deliberately provoking the world with his unfiltered responses and now with rumours of his affairs abounding, she simply stands rigid and blank, like a glamorous cardboard cut-out.

Melania epitomises the classic Stepford Wife in every way except for one – Stepford Wives managed to look happy while robotically attending to their husband’s every whim. She just looks increasingly grim and set-faced in public.

Despite dripping in designer clothes and jewellery, with the eyes of the world on her, she seems little more than a shell as she appears with a husband who barely acknowledges her or studiously ignores her.

It seems less of a marriage and more a continual public humiliation.

I can’t imagine it’s any more fun away from the glare of the press either – after all, poor Melania has to wake up next to the orange-faced one every morning which is surely more punishment than anyone deserves!

On the plus side, at least she has enough money to be wretched in comfort.

I’d love to know what is going on behind those empty eyes and what she’s really thinking. In my opinion, that’s one, unhappy woman.

I wouldn’t mind betting she now wishes she’d stuck to her guns on their first ever meeting when she initially refused to give Trump her phone number!


Afriend was staying in the USA recently and when he arrived at his B&B he asked if there was anywhere within walking distance he could get something to eat.

He was told there was nothing except for a pizza takeaway across the parking lot.

It wasn’t the healthiest meal he’d ever eaten, but it filled a gap.

The next morning, he was surprised to find a complex of shops and services – including a choice of restaurants – only a quarter of a mile away.

It took him literally one minute to drive to.

But the biggest shock was that no one at the hotel considered that ‘walking distance’.

Might explain the current health crisis!


ATV report on the Gender Pay Gap flagged up fashion chain Phase Eight – as paying women 54.5 per cent less than men.

Budget airline Ryan Air pays women a whopping 71 per cent less than men which, on the surface of it, sounds hugely distasteful and sexist.

However, no one mentioned the actual job roles in question. When was the last time you walked into Phase Eight and were served by a man?

And although most flight attendants are female, more males work as technicians and airframe mechanics which pays more.

Surely it would be more accurate to compare actual jobs rather than just imply women are sneakily being paid less.

It’s a perfect example of how information is manipulated for a shock reaction!