Let kids be kids and enjoy their fun: OPINION

Is this dangerous? Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Is this dangerous? Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
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A headteacher has upset a few kids by banning children from riding to school if they’re caught doing wheelies on their bikes.

Kids have been pulling wheelies since bikes were invented.

It can be risky, yes, but that’s part of the fun. Kids fall off bikes, they get back on and try it again.

Or not, in my case. What’s the head going to do to monitor this? Set up checkpoints on the streets around the school?

It reminded me of the headteacher from my old secondary school. He would often don camouflage clothing and hide in bushes to catch people smoking on the way to school or drinking on the way to a school disco.

Odd behaviour.

Free sanitary products in schools is fine, but not for all

The Scottish Government is considering providing every woman sanitary products for free in public buildings such as libraries and swimming pools.

Obviously this would be paid for by the taxpayer and it’s opened the whole debate as to whether other authorities should follow suit.

In schools and colleges, I think them being free is a good idea. But the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay out for something that really isn’t difficult to find the money for.

Tampax and the like are classed as ‘luxury items’ and therefore subject to VAT. I agree this should be removed. I’ve never been shopping with the Mrs and felt the need to say: ‘treating yourself again I see,’ when she’s thrown a box into the trolley. 

Abolishing private schools will not improve education

The Labour party conference took place last week, and as always there are a lot of policies aimed at getting votes but in reality haven’t a hope in hell of working without bringing the country to its knees.

The four-day working week and £10 minimum wage for everyone are two fine examples. Another one that that has caused a stir is their pledge to effectively abolish private schools.

It seems strange considering Jeremy Corbyn himself went to one. Maybe it’s because he only came away with a couple of E grades at A-level that he wants to see the back of them.

Also Thornberry, DianeAbbot, Chakrabarti et al all send their kids to them – “do as I say, not as I do,” springs to mind.

If they abolish private schools just watch the prices of houses in the catchment areas of the best schools sky-rocket – a bit like it is now, but more widespread and an extra £50,000 on top of your mortgage.

The result would be that those who would have sent their children to private schools would be the only ones who could afford to live there. Determined people, with the means to do so will always find a way.

So if it’s private schools today, it won’t be long before private hospitals are targeted. Then how long will your private homes be safe?

In a world of haves and have nots, Labour would prefer everyone to be a have not. Aspiration is what keeps the world ticking over. If people aren’t inspired or want to improve their lives the country will go backwards.

Abolishing private schools will do nothing to help badly performing public schools. Instead of wanting everyone brought down to the same level, shouldn’t they be looking to improve public schools so they can narrow the gap towards the private ones.

It’s not like I’m flush and can afford to send my kids to a private school. No one in my family has ever been to a paid for school. But that’s not to say I’m envious or jealous of those who can. Good for them. You get what you pay for, so if you can afford the best education for your children, why not?