Let’s get shove ha’penny into the games in Brazil

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So the Winter Olympics are in full swing and, as you’d expect from a country whose main concentration of snow and ice is in our freezers, we’ve won very little.

Obviously, nations whose residents and athletes are surrounded by sub-zero conditions most of the time tend to fair relatively well.

Look up and down the medal table and you’ll find the Scandinavians, Russians, Chinese and Americans enjoying a frosty tussle.

Kenya and Mexico got the e-mail saying ‘don’t bother’.

Post-London 2012, after the word ‘legacy’ began losing its identity, many sports and Paralympic sports had their funding severed because of poor performance in the Olympics.

Weightlifting, basketball and water polo, amongst others, got the chop.

Why are we investing time, money and effort in sports that are alien to our natural surroundings?

Those resources could be used to much better effect for sports that our children can genuinely connect with, participate in and benefit from.

As exhilarated as we all are watching a Lycra-clad loon rattle down a frozen pipe on £50k worth of tin foil, 0.001 per cent of the population will ever have a chance to try it and even fewer will be any good at it – as our medal tally thus far clearly indicates.

In our predominantly snow-free nation, where we spend 75 per cent of the year cooped up, it seems logical to spend any available funding on sports that mainly occur indoors.

Maybe weightlifting, basketball and water polo?

Otherwise we may as well throw a few million quid at a Team GB camel racing squad.

And don’t get me started on curling!

Citius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger. The Olympics is all about pushing the human mind and body to its very limits.

Unique athletes, with an unthinkable blend of natural ability, commitment and an insatiable appetite to win.

Curling has none of that.

If pushing a circular thing near a target is an Olympic sport, let’s get shove ha’penny into the 2016 games in Brazil.