Let’s give some new names a go on the silver screen

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I think it’s time that we started a film-going revolution. The other day I was reading an article about Tom Cruise being filmed for a movie in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Everything had been shut down as he came in on a helicopter.

But the thing is, when I thought about what this new film could be, I came back with so many answers. For a start there’s another Mission Impossible due to be made – the impossible part in my mind is that Tom might be getting a wee bit long in the impossibly perfect tooth to take on Ethan Hunt again.

Then there’s the Jack Reacher movie, adapted from the Lee Childs book in which the hero (my friend tells me robustly and furiously) is way too tall at 6ft 5in to be played by Mr Cruise.

Apparently also in the making/editing/ production or whatever is a sci-fi flick called Oblivion and a vampire movie, Van Helsing.

Don’t get me wrong. I quite like Tom as an actor, I’ve very much enjoyed some of his films.

But surely it’s time to give someone else the opportunity to take to the silver screen? Aren’t you tired of seeing excellent stories, but always with the same people?

There are thousands of actors and actresses out there. Aren’t some of them good enough to play the main roles?

And it’s not just the Americans who can’t give someone else a turn. Liam Neeson is in every other film at the moment as a craggy hero. If we can’t have a change of face, surely mix it up a little and make the old heroes the bad guys who die hideous deaths for a change?

I can understand the franchise model of using Tom for Mission Impossible. But doesn’t Jack Reacher have enough of a fan base that the studio could cast anyone and still have all those die-hard fans, who buy book after book, turn up en masse?

And, given our total love of and fascination with vampires, anyone playing Van Helsing would draw the punters in.

If we let the movie-makers carry on with their limited spread of talent, if we keep buying tickets, we’re making things worse for ourselves.

Let’s say no to the same names fighting aliens and tell the studios we want something different.