Let’s hear it for multi-task mums

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RICK JACKSON: Who’s the wise guy? Me!

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I read an article online recently that suggested mums spend as much as 10 hours more multi-tasking per week than dads.

This matches with the popular opinion that woman are the ultimate multi-taskers.

Although the manly hunter-gatherer inside me would love to disagree with this opinion and come up with some proof of my own that dads are just as good as mums at juggling more than one task at a time, I must say I can’t.

When I was younger I would watch my mum in the kitchen on a Sunday as she cooked the family’s roast dinner.

Intertwined with chopping the vegetables and preparing a joint of meat she’d be ironing the school uniforms ready for Monday morning. At the same time she’d also be acting as a referee when my siblings and I would argue over the TV remote control.

I love to cook and think I can whip up quite a tasty feast for my family, but preparing and cooking a roast dinner scares me and to this day, I’ve still not attempted to cook one.

It’s the getting everything cooked at the same time without burning or drying the food out that worries me most.

So even if I were to attempt cooking a roast dinner, the thought of trying to handle anything else at the same time – especially something as monotonous as ironing – would be out of the question.

Now I’m seeing the exact same thing with my partner Serena who can easily, and without fuss, make fairy cakes with our two girls whilst preparing that night’s dinner, and at the same time doing the washing-up and the laundry.

It seems that this feminine trait starts young as our two-year-old Caitlin is showing signs that she is following in the footsteps of her nan and her mum by being a great multi-tasker.

Recently, she was watching a TV show on our main set whilst I was viewing some footage on the computer from our camcorder.

Her head was moving from left to right between the two screens like she was watching the tennis at Wimbledon.

When I asked her which one she’d like to watch she replied: ‘Both’.

Since becoming a dad I’ve learned that being a parent and being a master at multi-tasking go hand-in-hand.

One doesn’t work without the other.

So far my excuse for doing one job at a time is that I always want to give 100 per cent to every task I do.

It’s a really lame excuse, I know. But I am getting better.

I just managed to drink a whole cup of tea and eat a doughnut whilst watching TV and checking my Twitter account.

That’s multi-tasking, isn’t it?