Let’s hope cold winter means we’re in for a hot summer

Zella had a fantastic day at Titchfield Haven and wonders what other local gems she's overlooked      Picture: Gary Taw

ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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Could we really be heading for a hosepipe ban? Yes, we’ve had the driest and hottest April on record, but with all the rain and snow we had over winter, surely we’ve got enough in the tank?

Being slightly cynical about the weather, I’m hoping we’re not having our summer now. Promises of BBQ summers faded as the rain arrived in July after a brilliant May and June in recent years.

I always thought a harsh winter would be followed by a cracking summer.

Many parts of the UK had snow in early spring back in 1976 and we all know what happened that summer.

We’ve just had one of the coldest winters on record, so could this be a repeat of the hot weather of 35 years ago? I hope so.