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It’s hard to imagine the pain the Christine Lord has endured.

She watched her beloved son Andrew die at the age of just 24.

And he was taken in the cruellest of ways – by the human form of mad cow disease vCJD.

She had to go through the agony of watching him deteriorate before her eyes before finally succumbing in 2007.

And one of the things he asked of his mum was to find out how he became ill.

That’s something Christine has kept up without respite for the past seven years.

Understandably, she wants answers as to how her son ended up with this terrible conditions.

So that’s why we join her in welcoming the move by a parliamentary select committee to look into the risks of passing on vCJD through blood and organ donation.

MPs will take evidence from interested parties then produce a recommendation.

It is thought the vCJD got into humans through eating beef infected with the condition.

But one in 2000 people carry vCJD, although it lays dormant. None of those people can tell if it will develop.

And all the while, with the very best of intentions, they could be donating blood that will eventually end up in someone else. It’s a horrifying prospect.

Christine has submitted evidence to the select committee and we can only hope her is chosen as it would form powerful testimony indeed.

And we can only hope that in the months and years ahead Christine’s wish of all blood being screened for vCJD comes true. As she says ‘I’m still heartbroken – I’ll never get over Andrew but we can prevent further deaths.’.

And there really is little that can be added to that.