Let’s hope it’s the real deal for the pier’s future

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And so here we are again.

A new dawn for South Parade Pier.

Of course there have been several ‘new dawns’ before as The News has reported on over the past few years, so it’s hard not to be a little jaded when hearing about fresh hope.

But hope is what’s desperately needed so we can only give the new owners support.

Yes, there is an element of mystery around the new owner.

It would help it we knew the names of the people involved instead of just knowing it as a consortium.

But in this case it’s a case of getting what we’re given. So let’s hope it’s the real deal.

While they might not want their identities in The News today, they’ve given a taste of their vision. And it seems to be a good one.

There are few sadder sights over recent years than seeing the pier’s slow, steady decline.

Boarded up and closed to the public, it truly reached a nadir earlier this year. So to hear it being spoken about in positive terms is a welcome relief.

The ideas of turning it into a venue akin to the Wedgewood Rooms and have a restaurant are both great ideas.

They would doubtless help get people back spending their money on the pier which is what’s desperately needed to make it a going concern again.

The planned ferry service to Gunwharf would also be fantastic.

A quick link between the two would solve the problem of the geographical site of the pier away from a main shopping area. Imagine strolling round the top stores at Gunwharf before hopping on a ferry for a meal and a show on the pier.

A great thought isn’t it? So there have been false dawns before, but we sincerely hope this is the real deal.

We’ll keep you posted every step of the way.