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Plenty of people may be tempted to think that it’s only Lord Sugar who says ‘You’re hired!’ these days.

Via his BBC TV show The Apprentice he’s shown the power of taking on an understudy who can learn a job from someone already well-established in their field of work.

And while it would be unrealistic to think that ordinary apprenticeship schemes can ever match up to the on-screen drama, it’s good to know that there are still some out there prepared to put time and effort into training others.

So we say well done to Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage for taking on an apprentice of her own.

We also congratulate Jourdan Robinson for putting herself forward for the scheme in the first place.

The competition was certainly tough. More than 70 young people applied to learn the ropes from Ms Dinenage but it was Jourdan who impressed the most.

The 20-year-old will now get to experience what life is like for a serving MP as she deals with constituents and handles other administrative jobs.

Crucially, she’ll receive on-the-job training and should come out the other side with a qualification in business administration.

It’s vital to remember that apprentices aren’t general dogsbodies and should never be used by employers as a source of free or cheap labour. Apprenticeships are a two-way street and that must always remain the cornerstone of these schemes.

We urge more employers to follow Ms Dinenage’s lead and consider the benefits of starting up an apprenticeship programme.

An investment in your workforce now should pay dividends in the future, as you’ll arm yourself with trainees who’ve been taught to know your business from an insider, with vital knowledge of how things should be done.

Many young people have had a hard time finding jobs in recent years but the economy and employment scene have both started to show early signs of making a recovery.

Local bosses must now harness that and start to put the building blocks for the future in place.