Let’s make dropping litter a thing of the past

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Many things that used to be regarded as socially acceptable are now frowned upon.

When drink-drive laws were brought in, people complained about that, as they did when the seatbelt law came into force in the 1980s.

But dropping litter never quite made it across the divide.

Yes, most people frown upon it, but you only have to look on the ground around any town centre to see it’s still a problem.

And anyone who says it’s only young people is kidding themselves.

Do they seriously think young people are responsible for all the fast food packaging and empty cans that line the sides of roads across the land?

And one of the worst items of litter? The humble cigarette butt.

Tens of thousands will be ground out by smokers each and every day without a second thought.

But if they’re not picked up – whether by a street cleaner or conscientious person – they go nowhere fast.

Gradually rotting away, all the time being a blight on our streets.

So that’s why it’s good to be able to report a success story in the battle against litterbugs.

After a crackdown in Havant, there’s been a 30 per cent drop in litter, particularly cigarette ends.

And that’s only the start.

A new campaign is being launched in the new year that will give the council’s enforcement officers the powers to issue £75 spot fines.

As Havant Borough Council leader David Guest says: ‘It’s all about education.

‘People have got to be educated to realise that throwing cigarette ends makes the environment look a mess and someone has got to clear it up’.

We wholeheartedly back this move.

Anything that can make people think twice before dropping any kind of litter has to be a good thing.

The sooner people realise this is not socially acceptable, the better.