Let’s make sure safety comes first at schools

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anyone who’s run the gauntlet of the school run in the morning knows that it’s not always the most dignified of situations.

Hundreds of parents have a 10-minute window in which to drop off their beloved offspring to make sure they are in on time.

And sometimes this can lead to selfish decisions – yellow lines are parked on, driveways are blocked and every available space within walking distance of school is taken for the half-hour at the start and end of the day.

All of which means we wholeheartedly support the efforts made by youngsters at St Thomas More Primary in Bedhampton.

They took the bull by the horns and got out on to the street to talk to parents directly about their behaviour.

And not only that.

They put together a marketing campaign complete with T-shirts, posters and business cards to get the message across.

And an important message it is too – safety.

It’s hard to argue with putting the safety of our children first.

Above even saving a few minutes in the morning or afternoon.

No youngsters should have to risk life and limb when they’re trying to get to school.

As we recount in today’s article, one pupil says he had a near-miss.

That’s one too many.

So we applaud this campaign and call on all parents to take note, not just those of children at St Thomas More.

Next time you’re thinking of parking your car over the zig-zags or on double yellow lines, think again.

It’s not just selfish – it could put children’s lives at risk, and nothing’s worth that.