Let’s promote our city – but highlight what needs work

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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We have never been in any doubt that Portsmouth is a world-class waterfront city that Britain – and indeed the rest of the globe – should know about.

So it’s fantastic news to hear that two new television adverts are showing off some of the iconic destinations the city has to offer.

Where else can you delve into the mysteries of Henry VIII’s famous warship, take a trip up a tower to see breathtaking views of the Solent, and then take a picnic on the beach?

We were delighted to hear that the Mary Rose Museum has just had its 100,000 visitor – and may people keep on flocking to our wonderful city.

Because in these times where every single penny counts, holiday-makers and day visitors are keeping the city’s economy buoyant and keeping hundreds of people in work.

So we applaud the city council, the historic dockyard, Gunwharf Quays, and all the other partners for investing in this initiative.

But let’s not forget that there is still more to be done to make Portsmouth a better place to live and visit.

Today we feature the story that taxpayers may be landed with a £3.5m repair bill for The Pyramids Centre.

Labour group leader John Ferrett said he was extremely concerned with the findings of the survey.

And we are inclined to join him in having some level of trepidation over these sort of sums being added to the outgoings of the already-stretched public purse.

However, one cannot deny that The Pyramids occupies a key location on the seafront and the revamp of this area – as well as South Parade Pier – will be crucial to Southsea’s long-term prospects as a tourist destination.

So the message is we must highlight – and shout from the rooftops – what the city has done well.

But we must also never shy away from underlining areas where Portsmouth is lagging behind.

Because, ultimately, all any of us want is a pleasant and prosperous place to live.