Let’s show people how proud we are of our city

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When you’re passionate about something, it’s natural that you’d want to make a real song and dance about it.

That’s exactly what the Portsmouth ambassadors scheme is all about and we all know how contagious a bit of enthusiasm can be.

By recruiting people who live, work and play in the city, you’re guaranteed to get someone who knows what they’re talking about.

And that’s why asking 100 dedicated volunteers to take on a cheerleading role for the city is such a great idea.

The Shaping the Future of Portsmouth programme will bring much-needed investment into the area and that should lead to the creation of more jobs and plenty of new homes.

These are exciting times, backed by at least £1bn worth of investment, so it’s clear there’s no shortage of good things to celebrate.

The ambassadors scheme makes up just one aspect of the programme but it will play an important role in spreading the word.

Here at The News we’re passionate about all the good things that are going on locally. We aim to spread that message at all times.

That doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to things that could and should be done better.

But it does mean appreciating what we’ve got and not being afraid to shout about our finer points.

Portsmouth is a unique city with a lot going for it. Visitors know us as the home of the Royal Navy, they admire the passion we have for our football team, through good times and bad, and they long for our seaside location.

These new ambassadors will be able to tell visitors about all the other great things Portsmouth has going on – but just as importantly, they’ll be able to share their enthusiasm with people who already live here.

We can all take the place where we live for granted. We’re all guilty of seeing Portsmouth’s faults and not acquainting ourselves with its charms.

The ambassadors will be there to remind us all what a great place Portsmouth already is – and how good it can be in future.