Let’s show pride in what our young people do

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Sometimes it can be easy to tar all young people with the same brush.

They’re lazy, or they spend all their time looking at a screen, or hanging around on street corners.

But, as most people already know, that’s a generalisation that’s not true the majority of the time.

And if you need any more convincing, then have a good read of pages 3, 8 and 9 in the paper today.

We lead on the story of our annual Youth Awards, that were handed out at a great ceremony last night.

And what a night it was, packed with emotion and joy.

In total, 13 awards were given out on the night for subjects ranging from Fundraiser of the Year to Learner of the Year and Stage Star of the Year to Best Friend of the Year.

Each and every one of those that won or were runners-up had an inspirational story to tell.

And not just those that made it to the final but everyone who took the time to enter.

You’re a part of the community that is often forgotten but is also often doing great work, quietly under the radar.

Our overall winner is an amazing story.

Not only is Clare McConnachie a Brownie leader, a lifeguard and a synchronised swimming coach, but at the age of just 16 she acted a carer for her beloved father Craig.

He had Huntington’s disease and died in March, aged just 53.

Clare had supported him at every turn of his 10-year battle and was a worthy winner.

So a huge congratulations to all those involved in the awards.

You make us proud and you make your communties proud too.

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