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Ilove listening to music, a bit obvious considering my job as a presenter on Heart.

I also enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks and probably spend more time doing this than watching television.

But this brings one problem that I’m yet to solve. Why is it that the earphones I use to listen to audio on my phone and iPod always get tangled no matter how hard I try to keep them untangled?

It’s the bane of any music listener’s life.

You’d think neatly wrapping them around my iPod after each use would be enough to stop them getting twisted and interlaced. Sadly not.

Occasionally I’ll untangle them each time I use the earphones, but sometimes I’m lazy and wait until they become unusable.

I’ve recently experienced this problem, but on an even bigger scale. I bought my daughters a skipping rope each and before the skipping starts it’s my job to do the untangling. Thankfully, it’s a job I’m getting quite good at.