Let’s use this momentum to secure club’s future

COMMENT: A mess as complex as negotiations for Brexit

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They’re pictured on our front page today raising a glass in celebration and full of smiles.The men behind Pompey Supporters’ Trust have pulled off what some insisted could never have been done – pulled a football club back from the jaws of extinction and put it into the hands of its fans.

It is a drink they well deserve, and we do not doubt that once the news broke last night that the documents had been signed, more than a few Pompey fans across the area cracked open a celebratory tipple of their own.

We’ve been on the rollercoaster ride – we’ve had the legal wrangling, the heart-stopping twists and turns and the nail-biting days in court.

Like any good rollercoaster it’s been exhilarating at times, terrifying at others, and Pompey fans have occasionally felt a little nauseous as they found themselves strapped in for the ride. Now, at last, that ride is over – and a new journey begins.

We need to maintain the momentum but fans have placed their trust in this supporters’ group because they are sick of the twists and turns and the highs and lows.

This next stage of the trip may not involve such extremes – but that is not what Pompey fans need at this time.

We need a careful, even cautious driver at the wheel to take us through the early stages of this revolution – and we don’t doubt that there is a brighter future at the end of the road.

It is heartening that there has been, as we report today, a surge in fans signing up to the trust’s share scheme in the wake of its successful settlement of the crucial dispute about Fratton Park’s valuation. Now that the ink is drying on the deal which makes Pompey the biggest community-owned football club in the country, we hope that any supporters who had lingering doubt will now feel able to sign up to play their part in the club which is the beating heart of our great city.

And to the men whose hard work, faith, belief and love for Pompey made this all possible, we give our thanks. Remember, the hard work starts here, and we’ve all got our part to play.