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I was disappointed to read that Flick Drummond hasn't been able to establish a working relationship with Michael Lane, our Police and Crime Commissioner.

Wednesday, 1st November 2017, 4:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:12 am

I still consider Mr Lane’s job a completely ineffective use of public money.

Having him sitting in an office with his Superintendent (who we only got to hear about with Flick coming into the picture) isn’t going to stop all of the everyday, low-level and not-so-low-level crime going on in and around our area.

Recent events witnessed by myself include: Three children, no more than seven or eight, cycling all over a busy main road, who were lucky to get home that evening; three youngsters cycling abreast along a pavement, the middle one doing wheelies; two men driving down the same road obviously looking at their phones whilst driving; a group of eight men all in various states of drug or alcohol intoxication in a park where youngsters walk through; two bus shelters with glass panels smashed at Canoe Lake and Craneswater.

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All of these incidents were witnessed over a two-day period. I also sympathise wholeheartedly with the people of Baffins, who are daily being targeted by youngsters whom they claim to be a ‘shameless generation that knows they are untouchable’.

And don’t get me started on my experience as a cyclist in and around our city, subjected daily to being passed at speed, (often in crowded streets with 20mph limits), far too closely by drivers who have no idea or care as to the consequences of the selfishness of their behaviour.

People sitting in offices thinking about crime and ways to prevent it are useless in these situations. We need consistent, high profile policing.

We also need people to be made aware as to the consequences of their behaviour and the impact they have on their fellow human beings and to be punished for the same.

I feel sympathy with Mrs Drummond, I feel she’s well-meaning, but the post of Police and Crime Commissioner is already controversial enough, without growing more hangers- on to make it even more controversial. I haven’t spoken to a single person who thinks this position is a good idea or value for money.

Pat Huxtable

Nettlestone Road