LETTER OF THE DAY: Many homeless feel safer by living on the streets

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A word of advice to Councillor Sean Woodward the leader of Fareham Borough Council (Working together to combat rough sleeping problem; Council leader organises homelessness conference to combine forces, July 2).

NOT all homeless people have a drug and drink problem, some are ‘victims of circumstance’.

Whenever I see a homeless person I always give them money because who am I to judge whether or not they spend it on drugs or alcohol?

Many, many people are too quick to judge homeless people without first knowing their circumstance.

Maybe Cllr Woodward should spend a few nights on the streets and then have folk walking past and ignoring him.

He would not survive 10 minutes before complaining.

Many homeless face years on the streets because they feel safer than in hostels.

I have never been without good home and I just have a heart for the homeless and think that people give them a bad time when sometimes they are there through no fault of their own.

Tony J Weaving