LETTER OF THE DAY: Street lights ‘switch off’ will do us good

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-180627-112801001
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While understanding the concerns of the various residents’ associations in your article headlined Concern over street lights switch off (The News, June 27) which focuses on the perceived security issues, I do think the time has come to give this a try, and we should indeed reduce street light usage.

If you have ever flown into England from the continent at night, you cannot help but notice the amount of light energy that is being consumed unnecessarily all through the night.

We have to realise that we need to reduce all consumption of fuel and move to a more sustainable way of living for future generations.

I would include long stretches of straight motorway that seem needlessly lit when headlights are sufficient.

I would be interested to know the amount of fuel required to generate this lighting across the UK during these small hours.

Also, the lack of ‘dark sky’ areas (ask any astronomer) impacts the habits of wildlife and affects their natural environment.

So humans need to perhaps stop being merely consumers of resources and start thinking about their place in the ecosystem.

Please give it a go, Hants CC – even if only as a trial. By all means leave some lights on in security hotspots – but I don’t think Hayling and Hill Head come into that category.

In fact, the reduced background lighting will give some of you a better night’s sleep.

Chris Gibb

Idsworth Close, Horndean