Life has changed, but therewards are just priceless

The best things in life really are free and the joys of fatherhood are certainly providing plenty of them.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 6:01 am
Jason Donovan

I did worry before my children were born.

What kind of father would I be? Would I be up to the job?

Friends warn you how your life will change and this is what worried me.

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I didn’t become a dad until I was 41, which meant I’ve spent 20 odd years doing what I wanted when I wanted!

You get used to being a certain way. You’ve become the person you are and changing can be rather difficult.

I do admit I’ve found this out for myself at times.

We can’t go out for dinner at the drop of a hat, or take a weekend break.

Holidays have been very different too, as it’s not about you any more, it’s about your children.

Holidays are now like being at home in your routine, but with heat!

But what you get back from your children is absolutely priceless.

The age gap between our two is exactly 18 months. Holly is now five months and is a beautiful, giggly baby.

Freddie is fast approaching two and is a delight.

His communication is improving all the time and so is his personality. He now tries to make me laugh as much as I do him.

Last week was a big moment. Out of the blue, Freddie counted to 10.

I started with 1, he said 2, I repeated 2 and he said 3 and off we went, all the way to 10! Seven seems to be a bit of an issue though.

I sang him his favourite song The Wheels On The Bus and at the end of the chorus, he actually sang ‘ooooo-deeeeee-looooo’.

That’s good enough for me!

Watching these milestones being reached is so rewarding.

I’m wondering how long it will be before he starts embarrassing me in public.

‘Daddy, why has that woman got a moustache?’ and other little gems will soon require an answer, so I’m preparing myself now.

When they both start doing it, I just hope I’m up to the job...


I’m sure many a man has had to go to an awful concert to accompany his better half.

But spare a thought for my friend, who took his girlfriend to see Jason Donovan at the weekend for the second time in a month!

Poor chap.

He was stuck in a theatre with hundreds of women of an age who really should know better.

He thought he would spend the concert at the bar, but it was closed during the performance so he had to make do with a pint bought before it kicked off.

He did make me laugh though.

Jason Donovan’s back catalogue isn’t the largest, so as Too Many Broken Hearts was sung for the third time, he said tears of pain rolled down into his now warm beer!


As I write these words, I am watching something rather bizarre out of my lounge window.

We’ve been smelling gas along our road for a while and several men in hi-vis jackets have sprayed marks on the pavement over the past few weeks.

Today, several vans with the question ‘smell gas?’ on them have pulled up.

Men have got out and drilling has started.

But what is peculiar is that one of the workmen is smoking a cigarette.

Is he mad or just plain stupid?

It’s like an airline pilot opening his window at altitude because he’d like a bit of fresh air.

I’m quite fond of the front of my house, so please put it out you plonker or I might lose it!