Life is so much harder once you stop being a student

STUDENT LIFE Enjoy it while you can
STUDENT LIFE Enjoy it while you can
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I stepped back in time this week when I paid a visit to my old university. It felt rather strange, but I honestly don’t know why.

I went to meet one of my old lecturers for a chat. Now I don’t know if it was being back in the building that gave me nightmares for three years or remembering the days of being a poor student (not that much has changed since then), but it was a rather surreal experience.

I felt like a young student looking for her teacher’s praise and I came out of it feeling rather at odds with myself. Perhaps I was worried she would hand me an assignment to do! Never again.

I attended Southampton Solent University and, being a Pompey lass, never particularly enjoyed frequenting that other city down the M27.

Even today I find it rather gloomy and that’s got nothing to do with the whole football rivalry thing – although I’m well aware it’s still as strong as ever.

I once visited a patient in hospital in Southampton while wearing a Pompey t-shirt. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again. Let’s just say it didn’t go down well.

The one thing that was nice about my visit was to see those eager beaver students who have yet to face the cruel realities of the media industry.

They all looked so fresh-faced and full of dreams. They must have looked at me and thought ‘she’s had a hard life’. But it wasn’t that long ago that I graduated, I’ll have you know.

It’s funny. As you grow up, you tend to look back on things with nostalgia, reminiscing that the days back then were funnier or more enjoyable than they actually were.

I remember being a bit of a stresshead when it came to my degree and I used to fret about the smallest thing.

Yet when I reflect on the realities of what I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis now, (in fact what we all have to cope with in the real world), the problems and issues of days gone by seem rather...irrelevant.

So to all my young readers, let this be a lesson to you dear friends.

Life is so much harder when you walk out of those university gates. So take my advice and enjoy student life while you can!