Life IS unfair so it's a lesson best learnt young '“ Clive Smith

A school in Liverpool has banned its pupils from wearing expensive brands such as Pyrenex and Canada Goose into school in the hope it will prevent '˜poverty shaming'.

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 3:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:21 am
Canada Goose coats.

I know it's Liverpool, but now one has done it, how long will it be before other schools around the country, including Portsmouth, follow suit?

I'm not a fan of this idea at all.

Yes, it's never nice seeing kids walking to school in threadbare clothes and wearing shoes with the soles falling off. In those cases you have to wonder about the parents.

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But why should kids whose parents can afford nice things miss out?

Some will have more than others. I'm sure there are plenty of children who have more than mine and there will be some who have less. That's life.

It's no different when you're an adult. There's always someone with a better car or a nicer house.

People should be able to buy their children what they want, whether that be a £500 Moncler coat or a £15 one from Primark. It's not anybody else's business.

If schools are going to ban designer coats, then shouldn't iPhones be banned so the kids still knocking about with Nokia 3310s don't get upset? And girls with Michael Kors bags will have to leave them at home.

Funnily enough, my daughters at secondary school like to take their PE kit  in a Superdrug bag '“ one of the plastic ones you get at the checkout.

I'm not moaning, it costs me 5p. Apparently, it's the norm. I had to ask. I suppose then, turning up at school with a Wilkinsons or Asda carrier bag would be frowned on by other pupils.

So I guess that in future, just so everyone is equal, school dinners will comprise a ladle of gruel and a piece of stale bread so the poorer kids don't get offended.

Banning these things will not teach the bullies to be nice, they'll just choose something else to be cruel about. And it won't help those getting bullied to either ignore it or stand up for themselves.

Strength comes from overcoming obstacles, not from pretending they don't exist.


We should know by now not to impose our values on others

Off the coast of India there's an island, North Sentinel, where a tribe of people live pretty much how their ancestors did thousands of years ago. How refreshing. And as a way of protecting their way of life, it's actually illegal to go there.

That doesn't stop some though and recently Christian missionary John Chau went there to try to convert them to Christianity. They killed him.

These people live by their own laws and customs and should be left alone to do so. Had he not been so self-righteous and tried to impose his own beliefs he would probably still be alive. 

Hopefully this serves as a warning and keeps people away. McDonald's and Costa Coffee take note.


No money for the police, yet £1.7m for drinking fountains

It's funny how Sadiq Khan likes to blame the rising tide of violence in London on a lack of funding for the police, yet has just found £1.7m for drinking fountains.

As far as I know no one has died of thirst this year in the capital and there's no Sudan-like drought forcing Londoners to walk miles to the fountains to collect water.

It's a complete waste of money, cash that could be spent on more pressing issues. Instead nearly £2m will go on something that will only be vandalised with cigarette butts, chewing gum and God knows what else. There's no chance of me putting an empty bottle or even worse, my mouth, near something that's been used to clean a tramp's backside.'‹'‹'‹'‹'‹