Life will go on even though some try to put a stop to it

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As I sit writing this on a sunny morning, a man is lying in hospital following an armed manhunt for one of two people they suspect of being behind the Boston Marathon explosions a week ago.

I obviously can’t begin to predict how this manhunt, this 20-block lockdown of a place called Watertown, will end.

In a courtroom, I hope, not a morgue.

One of those two suspects is already dead and his brother is in hospital, unable to speak.

It’s clear the suspects are guilty of shooting at police; that much we know.

But remember we don’t know for certain if they are behind the bombings, even if the FBI and the Massachusetts State Police believe that to be the case.

But if this ends in a morgue for both suspects, it’s quite likely none of those injured, or the families of the three people killed in the bombings, will ever find out why.

Why the Boston Marathon? Why a race at all?

And why pack a pressure cooker full of metal aimed directly at people’s legs. Was it supposed to be the runners they wanted to maim?

So far there are more questions than answers.

But what is also clear is that life will go on. The London Marathon was run yesterday as planned.

No bombings have stopped it, and there’s no reason why they should.

Instead there have been more runs planned.

In Gosport, a group of runners met up on Friday, bright and early, to discuss how we in this area could run for Boston.

And at the marathon in our capital yesterday, £2 was to be donated to a fund for the victims for every runner who crossed the finish line.

There were to be an estimated 35,000 finishers, maybe more, and so quite a substantial target was established.

So if for some reason these bombers were targeting runners, then their plan has sort of backfired.

Because people are running more. And those already entered in events have simply redoubled their resolve.

I just hope it all ends in court, so that we can see the person responsible for such a senseless act.