Lifting the lid on the army in Cyprus shows worth of work

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As you sleep tonight, army soldiers will be working hard in far-flung places, watching, patrolling, and protecting.

While we relaxed over the weekend, regulars and reservists from the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment were out in the sunshine too.

But far from lounging around in the glorious surroundings of Cyprus, they were keeping the peace between two nations locked in a lengthy and often bitter dispute over territory.

We’re grateful to the British Army for giving The News access into its operations on the Mediterranean island, and for going out of its way to show us the situation there.

Its actions may not always make headline news, but in a way that is the aim of the mission – to keep the status quo and ensure there is stability so the politicians can work out options for peace.

It’s also important to remember many of the soldiers out in Cyprus from PWRR are reservists, who will return home to Portsmouth to continue their regular jobs when their deployment is over.

Among them is an aerospace engineer, a tree surgeon, and a DJ, and we’ll have more on those characters in tomorrow’s report which looks at them in more detail.

Whatever your opinion of the government’s intention to rely on reservists more for these sorts of operations, you have to applaud them for their devotion to their jobs – both at home and in the forces – and they are clearly making a difference.

The soldiers, affectionately known as the Tigers, are not the only ones working hard in places far from home.

Servicemen and women from the Portsmouth area are stationed all over the world, not to mention the handful of Royal Navy warships currently out on operations in lonely seas.

So today let’s spare a thought for them and their efforts to make the world a calmer place.

Portsmouth can be rightly proud of its armed forces connections, and prouder still of the people who make up those organisations.

It’s their hard graft that has made our armed forces the envy of many countries around the world.