Lighter nights call for answers

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Today is traditionally known as the first day of spring.

Christmas is now a distant memory, there is no need to de-ice the car in the morning and with the clocks going forward an hour this weekend, we’ll soon start to think about those long, hot, summer days.

But before I get too excited about that mouth-watering smells of a spring barbecue wafting up my nose, there is something I need to explain to my daughter, Caitlin.

The lighter evenings mean that the sun is still shining when she goes to bed and the light floods into her bedroom.

In fact, she has started to question my decision to send her to bed when, in her words, ‘it’s still morning’.

I don’t quite know how to explain to a two-year-old that sunset occurs at different times of the year.

What I do know is that blackout curtains are available to buy and should hopefully solve this problem.

Then I can tackle the subject of Earth rotation, astronomy and the planet’s movement around the Sun on another day.

Well, maybe.