Linvoy’s good news was just what we wanted

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It was a joy to welcome Linvoy Primus into the newsroom last week as he acted as editor for the day.

And I’ve got to say that, having been led straight into our daily conference and required to make judgments on stories and pictures, he made a very good fist of an unfamiliar job (far better than I would have survived being pitched into Pompey’s defence!).

We decided to invite Linvoy in as part of our celebration of Local Newspaper Week – and were intent on it being more than (if you excuse the pun) a paper exercise.

Linvoy helped very much in that, bringing in his own ideas, including a front-page lead on the work of the Salvation Army food bank, a feature on the youngsters who’ve taken part in Faith and Football over the years, and a sports story about Pompey’s academy stars.

He also picked which other stories he wanted in Thursday’s paper, and it was noticeable as the list of potential articles, each time a community organisation or good cause was mentioned, Linvoy said: ‘Oh yes, I know them.’

Unsurprisingly, all those stories made the cut, although it’s probable that they would have anyway.

Because for all the ‘bad’ news that we necessarily report, there are as many ‘good’ news stories to be told.

We’re determined to show the brighter side of life each day in The News, and if you have an example, please let us know.

Meanwhile, our thanks to Linvoy for giving us a ‘day off’ last week! It was greatly appreciated!