Lionesses showed they could roar: Cheryl Gibbs

England's Ellen White appears dejected after the final whistle during the FIFA Women's World Cup Semi Final match at the Stade de Lyon.
England's Ellen White appears dejected after the final whistle during the FIFA Women's World Cup Semi Final match at the Stade de Lyon.
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Like the rest of the country, we’ve been transfixed by the Women’s World Cup – the Lionesses have done us proud.

Matt was absolutely blown away by their talent, and it was so nice to see them get the coverage they deserve. 

Those Lionesses can play just as well as the Lions and it’s a great shift in the right direction for gender equality.

Their defeat by the US in the semi-final on Tuesday was a real shame, it was edge-of-your-seat stuff.

They can be proud though. They represented us brilliantly and it was great to hear the usual kind of banter and passion that surrounds men’s football being associated with the Women’s World Cup.

Tapas and pizza are perfect ingredients for romance

Last Friday evening Matt and I went on a date night. I think some people find this concept strange because every night could be a date night as we’re on our own together every day of the week.

But every now and then we like to properly dress up and go out and make a big deal of it.

Contrary to my family’s opinion we don’t actually go out that often, preferring to stay in and get a takeaway. 

While we might go out for lunches quite regularly we don’t actually go out for a nice meal that often – maybe once a month at a push.

Anyway, a couple of times a year, usually around my birthday, we book a table at Four London Road, in Horndean.

It has been quite some time since then so we felt we were due a visit.

Elio, the manager, is always the highlight of our night – I could watch him flit around the place all evening.

Goodness knows how he manages it, I find it exhausting just watching him.

We had cocktails and mocktails and eight plates of food between us.

And yes it was just the two of us – I felt like a gannet.

It takes a lot to embarrass me but I admit to feeling rather ashamed by the sheer volume of food we ordered.

In our defence, we started with a couple of sharing plates and paced ourselves so that all the food didn’t come at once.

Matt insisted I try their pizza because he had been there on a lads’ night and said their pizzas are to die for. 

I can now attest that he is correct, they are amazing.

I wouldn’t usually order a pizza because I didn’t want to have that instead of their other tapas plates. For me, tapas is the reason we go there, so we had it as well as tapas.

Matt joked with one of the waiters that we might want to order more food and their reaction was one of horror until they realised he was joking. Or at least I think he was...

We ended up taking the left-overs home and had them warmed up on Saturday – delish! We may have been little piggies, but none of it went to waste, which makes the extra pounds I undoubtedly put on justifiable. 

Just like the royals, every family falls out now and then

I think it’s a real shame that the press continue to add fuel to the flames that there is a rift between William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan.

As soon as Harry started dating Meghan the rumour mill went into overdrive about whether or not her and Kate would be friends and who dressed the best – it was silly.
But since Harry and Meghan tied the knot and had their son, Archie, it’s been relentless.
I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in the limelight like that. I’d hate it.
They are in-laws and all families have tiffs.
But the constant media scrutiny can’t be doing them any favours.