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Like everyone else, I’ve got Olympics fever.

I’m really enjoying non-stop sport after sport on the television.

I love seeing the parents of the athletes in the crowd and can now understand how proud they must be to see their son or daughter compete on the world stage.

Caitlin and Alyssa are already showing some sporting promise, so in the future I may be one of those proud parents sitting on the sidelines.

For example, at the local swimming pool Caitlin has been showing off her diving skills.

Well actually, I wouldn’t call it a dive just yet.  

I think a bit of training might be needed to turn her ungracious belly flop into something worthy of a gold medal, but she’s on the right lines.

Alyssa might possibly be of a standard to compete for a medal in the trampolining. Although at the moment she is using my body to jump up and down on, so like her sister, a bit more training is necessary.

They’ll only be five and seven at the next Olympics, so no rush.