A little gem - and a perfectplace to hide from zombies

Portsmouth City Museum is a little gem and, while I may have written about it before, I make no apologies for writing about it again.

Wednesday, 13th April 2016, 6:10 am
Portsmouth City Museum

Every time I visit I get something a little different from the experience, learn a little more.

Housed in an incredible-looking building with turrets to rival Hogwarts, its proud and imposing exterior dominates Museum Road.

I took my youngest daughter there over the Easter holidays as she wanted to see the Sherlock exhibition.

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At her age she didn’t remember much of the last time we went, so I was happy to oblige as it’s free to get in and to park.

All in all, it was a great day out.

What I particularly like about the museum is the paintings. There isn’t a massive selection by an art gallery’s standards, but there are some wonderful scenes of the harbour through the ages with ships in full sail.

I’m sure that must have been mighty tricky. Who hasn’t sat at Spice Island and watched the traffic come and go with half a mind on why they aren’t crashing into one another?

Add in no motors, lots of ships and a gusting wind and you’d think that there would have been a major pile-up.

The museum also hosts a selection of rooms through the years (although I remember too much of the styles of some of them from my grandparents’ houses, which makes me feel really old) and other bits and pieces.

But for me it’s the imagery which makes it so special. For instance, the pictures of Southsea when it was one of the top tourist destinations in the UK.

There’s another image, mainly men I think, cycling through the city – a road packed with Pompey pedal power. It’s glorious to look at and marvel over.

We made it around in a couple of hours, then headed to the gift shop for some more Easter shopping. But it was sadly lacking the one thing that I wanted – the images. Not just of paintings and people, but Sherlock Holmes film advertising.

Never mind. The museum is a lovely distraction – and, as my daughter pointed out, with all the high metal fencing the perfect place to hide out in a zombie invasion.


What will it take for the Prime Minister to resign?

It’s getting worse and worse for him as the country unites behind an opinion of no confidence.

People are fed up with all the squirming and fudging and careful choosing of words.

Are we going to shrug our shoulders and let him get away with evading simple questions, resort to a stiff upper lip and ignore the fact that we are being toyed with?

We should all be putting into the tax coffers and closing all these loopholes designed to make the rich richer.

It’s the expenses scandal all over again and I for one am tired of hearing millionaire excuses about ‘legality’.

Think about morality as well.


If anyone can point me to a website that lists where sheep are being kept locally, I will be eternally grateful.

It’s not that I want to go sheepwatching – it’s because I want a sheep warning so that I know when to tether my dog by my side.

It rather ruins a new walk when you’re constantly considering what exactly the next challenge will be.

So I’m after a website which lists good walks, dog hazards (sheep, cows, chickens), husband hazards (pubs) and children hazards (rope swings/deep water/combination of both).

If such a site doesn’t exist, then can somebody please create one?

I’ll be one of your first customers, ready to subscribe for better-prepared countryside jaunts.