Little white lie earns a crust

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Iremember a school friend who was an incredibly fussy eater.

When he opened his lunch box his sandwich would be different to everyone else’s.

First the crusts would be chopped off, then the cucumber wouldn’t have any skin on it and if he had ham that day, it would be cut into a perfect square.

Why? Because that’s how he liked it and his parents were obviously happy to say yes to his requests.

Recently, my five-year-old daughter Caitlin was tucking into a ham sandwich.

The crusts were still intact and the shape of the ham had not been altered.

Suddenly she announced she didn’t want to eat her crusts because some of her friends didn’t have to.

I told her not to be wasteful and to eat them, to which she replied: ‘Please can I leave them, Dad?’

I then explained that all Disney Princesses eat their crusts.

And because they did that’s why they had such long and beautiful hair.

She then proceeded to gobble them down and she has done ever since.