Live performances would sort the movie men from the boys

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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The National Theatre has announced that Of Mice and Men will be its first Broadway production to be screened live in cinemas around the world.

National Theatre Live is a groundbreaking initiative broadcasting the best of British theatre and now it’s extending the output to the New York play starring 
Chris O’Dowd and James Franco.

The broadcasting of live theatrical events at cinemas seems to be a growing trend.

But what I want to know is when will cinemas and film stars reciprocate?

I’d love to go to the world premiere of a big movie like the last X-Men and find out that all the stars will be acting out the film on stage without all the special effects and CGI they’re used to.

Then we would see just how good they were at acting.
n A new gadget has been unveiled that can squash eggs into cubes, which means they will fit your sandwiches better.

This makes me wonder how divorced from reality our scientists really are.

Who in their right minds prefers boiled eggs to fried eggs in sandwiches?

No one.

Plus that’s the reason bread rolls were invented. To house the round fried egg, obviously.
n Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s ironic that DIY stores always have so many staff there to help you?

Surely the whole ethos of DIY is doing it yourself; you should have to find everything in the shop on your own without any help from the staff at all.

There shouldn’t be anyone on the tills either; you should have to pay using a self-service check-out.

In fact thinking about it, you should actually have to build the DIY store first yourself before you shop there.