Living in the ‘I want it now’ world

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We have all once wanted to have something immediately even though we know it can’t be ours without working.

Nothing in life is free and what we have is ours as a result of working for it.

Hard work and time is needed to invest in the things we desire.

Long gone are the days where you would need to save for months for something many of us would see to be so small today, such as a mobile phone.

I remember the day I saved months to have a mobile which is nothing in comparison to what we use today.

The culture in which we live is not ashamed of the ‘I want it now’ approach.

It’s now easier to possess the things we want because the world has made it easier.

A position of power is a prime example. The idea of leading a team is a satisfying thought.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many young people believe it is easier to be in a position of power today than it ever has been before.

However, even though there are more opportunities open to us because of the variety of industries you can work in, from the media to jobs which have been around for years, the competition is fierce.

It is unlikely for someone to succeed if they don’t work hard for what they aspire to have.

Succeeding is vital in who we are as individuals.

The satisfaction of succeeding in something builds our confidence, self-esteem and can motivate us to continue.

The worst thing that could happen to someone is to ‘succeed’ before they are ready.

When a person comes into power or prominence too soon it can often be disastrous.

That statement is something we should all understand. There will be times when unexperienced individuals are rewarded with a position of power.

Unfortunately if someone isn’t achieving when in a position of power what they do will have a affect on all of those working for them.

We need to understand hard work can result in great things.

There will come times when you are pushed to the edge, completely out of your comfort zone, wanting to give-up.

Through overcoming those challenges you will be stronger and progressively make your way to a higher position.

Be someone with motivation, drive and determination. Get to where you wish to be honestly through gaining experience and learning new things.

If you want something, such as a position of power, do it yourself rather than someone gaining it for you.