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Sometimes life can become a bit too busy

Trying to fit everything into 24 hours can be a struggle.

This is why I love the internet. Put simply, it just makes my life easier.

Although it’s been around for ages I think I only realised how useful it can be after having children.

It’s not just a place to download music, play games and watch hilarious videos on YouTube, although those things can be fun, it can also be used to do jobs quickly that would otherwise take out a big chunk of my day.

Before Caitlin and Alyssa came along I obviously had more time on my hands.

I didn’t think twice about jumping in the car to go to the supermarket, or popping to the bank to pay a bill.

But having the World Wide Web at my fingertips means that my one-year-old daughter can now be asleep in one arm and I can be doing the weekly shop with the other.

I used to love going to the supermarket and filling up the trolley with all the essentials (and a few goodies) but now it’s just easier to get it all delivered.

This decision was backed up when I made a recent visit to the Asda store in Fratton on a Saturday afternoon and promised myself I’d never return again.

Nothing wrong with the store, just way too busy for my liking, with lots of pushing and shoving. It was like the dodgems but with trolleys.

I didn’t even have the girls with me. If they had have been I think it would have been even more stressful.

The good thing is since we’ve been doing the weekly shop on the internet, we actually spend less.

It’s probably because we only buy what we need and are no longer tempted by all those end of aisle special offers.

So the internet has not only saved us time but also money.

Most of my time spent on the computer is productive, like when I’m researching topics for my radio show on Heart, or paying all the monthly bills.

Of course the internet is also perfect to help make the time pass.

I probably spend a bit too much time on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But mainly I use the internet to get things done and save time.

Thankfully the days of my oldest daughter Caitlin having to do anything like that is far away.

For now, to her, the internet (or internep, as she calls it) is for watching episodes of Fireman Sam on YouTube when Daddy wants the TV back.

Although sometimes it’s the other way round.

Daddy is watching TV on the internet because Caitlin wants the TV back.