Long-awaited weekend fell victim to the wet weather

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I cannot believe this blinkin’ weather! I’m a real advocate of the British seasons and, although I’m originally from Australia where the sun wakes you up pretty much every day, I quite like England for the way the weather changes depending on the time of year.

Although it’s a bit of a pain that you can never plan a thing outdoors, I rarely moan about it. However, today is different. Now I’m mad and I’m going to have a whinge.

So apologies if you’ve had a particularly bad week, my friends. I’m sure you won’t feel too much sympathy for me, but here goes.

I’d been planning to go and see one of my oldest and closest friends from school. A couple of years ago she packed up her bags and moved over to the Isle of Wight.

You know what it’s like. Life just gets in the way, and as much as I know this sounds like a pretty pathetic excuse for not regularly visiting my friend, it really is true.

This week, however, I made the decision that I would go over there so we could spend some much-needed girly time to catch up on everything.

I was optimistic on Tuesday as the weather was glorious, so I decided to be bold and book my ferry ticket over to the island.

No excuses then, no silly work reason or general too-busy reasons to get in the way. The ticket was booked. And then the heavens opened. Really opened.

I’m not trying to sound dramatic or over-reacting. But seriously, what can you do on a small stretch of land that is totally surrounded by water in such rainy and miserable weather?

Desperately trying to keep up my fitness regime, I’ve already ended up looking like a drowned rat twice this week during my morning exercise session on Southsea common.

So I know that paying a trip to the island in said weather was hardly going to give both of us the relaxing break we could do with.

Ah well, we’ll just have to look at rescheduling – and hope that it doesn’t take months before we actually meet up.

I apologise for moaning, but sometimes you’ve just got to let it out people.

The weather can do what it likes – it’s a weekend watching DVDs for me.