Look out folks, I’m going back on the roads to pass my test

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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Hazard warning, folks. All those living in the Southsea area need to be on alert as I’m about to get back on the road and finish off what I started many years ago – learning to drive.

This will be my third and last serious attempt to get my licence.

My first go behind the wheel was in my teens.

My sister had a yellow Hillman Imp and she let me take it to the end of Henderson Road in Eastney where she thought I couldn’t do much damage.

That was fine, until a double-decker bus came out of nowhere and I aimed straight for it.

I had another go a few years back, but was put off by a rather amorous instructor who smelled of garlic!

This time, though, I’m determined to pass.