Looking after little Poppy left us totally shattered

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I said to my husband Matt that we weren’t going to have any more children over to stay until next year because, quite frankly, it’s been a year of babysitting.

Everyone has been busy breeding in the past two years and now, all of a sudden, it isn’t just my sister’s children that we have in our lives – there are loads of them!

Now she’s discovered what her little legs can do, there’s no stopping her

Last Saturday night we had one of our godchildren (we have three), 18-month-old Poppy, round. We’ve had her over before and she was a dream, but this time she can now talk (a few words at least) and walk.

Wow, what a difference walking makes! I guess in my naive mind I thought the older they got the easier it became. But no sir, not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous and a real character to be around. But now she’s discovered what her little legs can do, there’s no stopping her.

She’s into everything and by the time her parents picked her up at lunchtime on Sunday I was exhausted.

She woke up at 6.30am, so I had to kill nearly six hours with a child in a house the size of a shoebox and not what you call child-equipped.

I literally have two games for kids in this house and neither would suit an excitable toddler, so I had to use my imagination. I went to a friends and let her deal with it! I was watching her though, honest.

Poppy did make me chuckle. She does this strange thing where everything she eats is followed by a rather loud sound of gratitude.

No matter what I gave her, she followed each mouthful with an appreciative ‘hmmm’.

It was so funny I was in tears and the longer it took me to give her each spoonful, the louder she appreciated it.

Matt was also spending quite a bit of time with her and, just to prove what a crazy character she is, I filmed her crying with laughter as Matt jumped from one side of the bed to the other right up in her face.

After she’d gone we spent the remainder of Sunday half asleep absolutely shattered. But we have to do it all again next weekend with my best friend’s child. Help!