Looking forward is all in a number

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Well folks, it’s time to look forward, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to a new year.

I know I’m being irritatingly positive. But what’s the choice ?

New year, same old bleep bleep!

As a numerologist, I know we all live in cycles of nine years.

Each year has a different vibration and, ooh, we just love our vibrations dear.

Apart from our personal years, we’re all influenced by the current year.

Add up horizontally 2013, and you get Year 6.

Which is all about love, marriage, divorce, and the patter of tiny feet – not necessarily all yours.

But you could have conflict in your career.

It’s a year of decisions, so you may have to make some tough choices.

Stay strong, you’ll be okay. May you walk in beauty, and dance your dreams alive.