Looking forward to seeing the lovely Channing again

Rick Jackson has hit the gym in an effort to be healthy  (Shutterstock)

RICK JACKSON: Who’s the wise guy? Me!

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Ican’t wait to see Channing Tatum’s new movie 22 Jump Street, sequel to the original 21 Jump Street (see what they did there?)

Like most ladies, I think he’s adorably cute.

But with me it’s also because I remember how charming and lovely he was when I interviewed him a few years ago.

I was covering the red carpet interviews at the premiere of his film Dear John and, unlike many other stars I’ve interviewed, Channing was great.

He was actually quite shy and even blushed when I made a comment about wanting to receive a love letter from him – in the context of the interview it made sense, honestly!

I really admire how he’s achieved his dreams through hard work.