Loos in this city are dingy and dirty

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Have a tinkle in toilets that twinkle’.

Well folks, that sign on Fratton Asda’s ladies’ loo doors put a smile on this shopper’s face.

And also a ‘yeah, right’ on my lips.

But on inspection of all four loos, yes the toilet sanitaryware, seats and hinges were clean.

The walls, floors, bins and toilet roll dispensers could benefit from a bit more elbow grease though, dear.

Do Portsmouth councillors ever use the city’s public conveniences? Because Crasswell Street loos are grotty and Canoe Lake loos are a bit grubby as well.

I mention this because in 1979 I ran a guest house and visitors were complaining about grotty public loos then.

More than 30 years on and still some of Pompey’s loos are dingy and dirty.

Surely there are pennies in the coffers for some bleach?