Losing jobs and the city’s postmark is a double blow

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It’s adding insult to injury.

Not only have dozens of jobs been axed with the departure of the processing centre from Slindon Street in the city centre.

But it would also seem that as any mail posted from PO postcode areas is now processed at Southampton Mail Centre, it carries a Southampton postmark.

If nothing else it is a blow to civic pride. However, with the addition of the job losses, it is particularly galling.

In a statement, Royal Mail said: ‘First and foremost, any changes Royal Mail makes to its operations are designed to ensure that customers receive their mail as efficiently and quickly as possible.’

It’s hard to believe that making a service less local makes it more efficient. And meanwhile, the last available financial figures shows that Royal Mail’s pre-tax profits rose from £421m to £569m last year.

A major factor in those numbers is the mail delivery giant’s continuing drive to cut costs. Whatever euphemism they wish to use, that more often than not boils down to cutting jobs.

The loss of jobs from any company in any sector is not something we want to see in this region, particularly from a company that appears to be doing well.

Royal Mail has said it is looking at the ‘design and implementation of a new postmark appropriate to the Portsmouth area’.

Surely this should have been done before the move, or did they really not think anyone would notice, or care? It rather smacks of attempting to shut the door after the horse has bolted. Local rivalries aside, it’s a kick in the teeth to a proud city like Portsmouth.

There is sadly little chance of reversing the job losses, but we shall wait eagerly to see what alternative postmark they produce.