Lou: If it’s up to me, my man’s beard will be going nowhere

Facial hair, seen here on Jez, polarises opinion
Facial hair, seen here on Jez, polarises opinion
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i’m amazed how many women dislike facial hair. Jez has come back from his holiday sporting a goatee which, although needs a little time to get established, I quite like.

But when we put a photo of him up on our Facebook page lots of ladies said he looked younger without it, and that goatees are naff.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily choose a goatee, I prefer a full beard, but I think facial hair can do a lot to improve a bloke’s image.

Without his beard my boyfriend looks about 14, which as a teacher isn’t great.

Also what woman doesn’t hate that stubbly feeling? It makes kissing so scratchy and uncomfortable.

So even if one day my boyfriend decides he no longer likes it, that beard is going nowhere.