Lou: So what’s Scooby Doo got to do with Christmas?

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This is the very first year we’ve had something on the top of our Christmas tree. For years we’ve been looking for the perfect star, or an angel that’s not too frilly, but never quite found it.

In the end it turned out the answer was a robin!

It’s not traditional but it goes with our tree’s red and white theme and he’s pretty cute.

I have to say it’s a darn sight more traditional than what’s on top of Jez’s tree.

Yes, okay it’s dressed as an angel, but other than that I don’t quite see what Scooby Doo has to do with Christmas.

Jez isn’t the only one with a cartoon character lurking atop his tree. One listener had Tigger, also dressed in angel garb, while a second had the monkey from the PG tips adverts wearing a tiny Santa hat!