Love Island is back and I couldn't be happier | Zella Compton

I vaguely knew Love Island was coming and now it’s here to occupy discussions of the bored and also me, as I love it.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 5:28 pm
Eve and Jess Gale who are appearing on Love Island Winter 2020. Pic: Joel Anderson/ITV/PA Wire

Yep, it’s true.

There’s nothing I like more than judging people from the comfort of my own sofa, watching young people with very white teeth doing their hair and making the most banal conversations seem important.

There’s loads of soul searching about such indepth subjects as their choice of men – always tall, dark and handsome.

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What other series causes so many people to sit down and watch on a daily basis?

And, with its discussions of friendship, sex in relationships and suncream, what’s not to be inspired by?

Is technology moving too fast or am I out of date?

The number of kitchen drawers stuffed with odd wires has increased exponentially over the years.

They’re kept ‘just in case’ they might be useful for plugging something into something else.

I fear the sad truth is that we all have these out of date cables stashed in our houses.

The problem is technology, it moves so quickly.

I bought a new TV last weekend, as the one on the kitchen finally died a spluttering death.

A fter a glorious life as my parents’ first flat screen television, my son’s first TV, then my eldest daughter’s, and was also resident in the kitchen for five years, I decided it was time to invest in something serious.

I went for a smart TV, hoping that this one would manage to connect to Netflix and all the other inane broadcasting services which I’ve managed to sign up to.

We didn't want hundreds of smaller wires poking out the back at odd angles and requiring advanced skills in yoga to plug anything into the computer.

Oh, and advanced eyesight.

I can’t be the only one who thinks TV holes should be made with lights and built-in magnifiers as all the techy stuff takes place in the dark, against a black casing?

The problem with my new fancy smart TV is that technology has been taking giant leaps in the past 10 years and my cable drawers for connecting it all together still think it’s 1996.

I kid you not, I have chargers in there from my first digital camera, gently rotting away alongside old TV remotes.

I’m not so bad at throwing those out now, as I am very aware of which TV has gone to the skip – as we’ve had so few.

But those dastardly connecting wires? I keep hoping for something more from them.

After emptying them all out in the hope of a resurrection and the ability to make it all work, I was still stymied.

One embarrassing conversation with a teenager later, and it was all fixed, with fewer cables than I’d started with.

And now I fear the sad truth is that I’m as out of date as the no longer needed cables.

The Sussexes have a pretty hefty financial safety net

Who else is struggling with the whole Meghan and Harry situation?

I am trying very hard not to care, but then – well, you know how it is, you can’t help but get drawn into the ridiculousness of it all.

I have no problem at all with them doing their own thing, but what has surprised me is their aim to ‘become’ financially independent.

Apparently they’ve a joint worth of about £30m – where exactly is the struggle in that?

It seems an awfully large nest egg to be worrying about how to ‘become’ independent – surely that’s enough to cut any apron strings?

If any of my children had a smidge of that, they’d be out the door with a huge grin on their faces.