Lynx is banned from our house and we can all breathe again

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RICK JACKSON: My long-term bid to become the Fred Dinenage of radio

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I was quite surprised to see that Lynx is using iconic images of war, battle and resistance to sell deodorant in its latest advertising campaign.

The slogan ‘make love not war’ has been pulled out of the 1970s and deposited firmly in the present day, where apparently it’s suddenly okay to take – and this is what has offended me beyond anything else which Lynx has delivered in the past – the tragic and desperate imagery of Tiananmen Square and instead put a sexy woman in front of a tank.

How is that justifiable, however laddish you purport to be?

Not that it will make a jot of difference to the company, but Lynx is now banned from my household.

At least we can all breathe again.