Madeleine McCann documentary is certainly thought-provoking – Verity Lush

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is showing on Netflix.

By verity.lush1
Thursday, 21st March 2019, 4:32 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 3:54 pm

It contains nothing new but for those of us who followed it via the papers only sporadically, it does contain facts many had never heard.

It also proves unequivocally that we as a species are all too eager to read a headline and then comment in often cruel and judgemental ways, neglecting to equip ourselves with the full plethora of facts available.

The documentary doesn’t have a point to prove or a particular message, it is simply a presentation of the facts and the investigation.

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It has been criticised for this but for me, this only made it more thought-provoking.

British craftsmanship at its absolute best in bags

I am blocking my ears this week to talk about the B-word.

With this in mind, I am writing instead about my brand new handbag.

Although it’s not quite that simple, it’s a little more about craftsmanship in the face of anonymous factory-produced items.

I am a bag person. I don’t believe this to be a solely female-oriented pursuit because I know men who are also into their work bags, briefcases, satchels and so on.

With this in mind, I seem to have been engaged in an on-going search for the perfect bag since I was 21.

I now know that there are many delectable bags to be found but that the best of the lot, that I have discovered thus far, have come from two British companies that make their own bags by hand.

The first of these is Wolfie and Willow, who can be found on Instagram. If you fancy a butter soft leather, made-in-Wales tote (complete with the number of your bag imprinted on the inside leather pocket), then they are your place to head.

You can also contact them direct and they’ll make the bag for you if it’s not in stock.

The second is a more recent find and another example of British craftsmanship at its absolute best.

The company in question is in fact just one gentleman, a Mr Henry Tomkins.

He makes bags – be they briefcases or handbags – to your exact requirements.

Hours of online searching led me to Henry and a browse through his Trustpilot reviews convinced me.

Henry will make you the bag of your choice from the vast array on his website, or you can contact him for an entirely bespoke bag.

Astoundingly this is all at a very reasonable cost, and you can even request that Henry, via contact details at, send you swatches of the various leathers so that you can choose the one you want.

My bag arrived in swift time, handmade in the UK, beautifully finished, perfect quality, and a prime example of one of the many crafts that we should be proud of in this country.

A little piece of privacy that’s off-limits to all snoopers

Speaking of bags, there is something a little bit sacred about them.

What initially seems to be a frivolous subject runs far deeper than arm candy alone.

As children, how many of us knew mum and nan’s handbag was a private area? If we went rifling we were told off, and if we wanted something from it we asked.

Even now I wouldn’t dream of going into my mother’s handbag. Bags contain little intricacies of our private lives – from your purse, to your keys, to your diary, to your personal products.

Personal things – your favourite lipstick colour, whether you are neat or messy, and how you like your hair. Your bag is private and snoopers are an invasion.