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There is a continuous high demand for food banks in this country, including the ones located in and around Portsmouth.

A food bank can supply an individual or a family with up to three days’ worth of the basic food that you would find in a normal household.

The food is distributed to thousands of people in the city (including young people) but the food banks are certain they need more!

Back in the summer, I experienced how a food bank operated and how people who received the help felt. It was truly fantastic to see the operation of the food bank. However, I was highly concerned for the many people in need.

You may be thinking ‘as a young person, how can I help in this?’ Well, I understand you may not be doing the weekly food shop or have the time to go and contribute at the food points.

As young people we can share our thoughts and opinions on this matter and raise awareness of how important it is to help the local food banks.

Amy Regan, 17, a South Downs College student, feels that ‘although food banks can offer a lot of support to those people in need during the Christmas period, there is not enough information about them and their accessibility.’

The main focus is to spread the news about food banks. Young people are the future and it is our job to keep up the good deeds, especially in winter.

It’s the thought that counts

Christmas is a magical time of year full of tradition, fun, family, friends and food.

Although, as young people, how can we make it great for those around us?

With such a squeeze on our pockets this year, due to being underemployed or having no job, as well as multiple other reasons, we are restricted to buy gifts for those we really wish to treat.

The saying goes ‘it’s not about the gifts you receive but the thought that counts,’ but is this still the case in modern times?