Make do and mend was my gran’s motto

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Well, my chucklezone was tickled on Monday when I read Chris Owen’s nostalgia page in The News.

There was an advert from yesteryear with the heading Don’t Discard Your Old Corsets.

It appears that Madame Lee of Southsea would clean and repair ladies’ corsets and return them looking like new.

That’s how I was brought up in the 1950s with my RC fire-and-brimstone Scots gran.

Everything was make do and mend, nothing was thrown away. Jumpers were unpicked and knitted into hats, scarves and gloves.

Her frocks were remodelled into hand-me-downs for her daughters. Or, if too worn, the best bits of fabric would be made into cushion covers or pinnies.

My favourite was the green plastic ‘mushroom’, where grandpop’s socks were pulled over and darned.